Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Remote event receivers in SharePoint 2013

The remote events supports

Site - Create, Move, Delete
List - Create, Delete
List schema - Create, Update, Delete
List Item - Create, Update, Delete, Move, CheckIn, UnCheckIn, CheckOut, AttachmentsAdded, AttachemntsRemoved, FileMoved, FileConverted
App - Install, Update, Uninstall

Some Impotent Points to be noted:
  • Remote event receivers call across the networks
  • After events use WCF(Windows communication foundation) call on remote web so that they do not block the sharepoint host nor delay the response back to the user
  • Remote event recievers will only workf if the concern list is present in App Web
  • SharePoint hosted apps doesnt support remote event receievers, its only provider hosted apps
  • IRemoteEventService an interface thats get inherited in remote event recievers
  • We have only two events called "ProcessEvent" which is a two way event and "ProcessOneWayEvent" for one way
  • Properties argument defines the event that has fired on a list item
  • We will be having only single entry point for all the events
  • Properties.ItemEventProperties is for an item events and Properties.ListEventProperties for list events
  • SPRemoteEventResult which is used to sent status back to SharePoint(used for sending information and also for canceling the events)

Before events example

After events example

  • App Life Cycle events are two way events
  • "ProcessOneWayEvent" never file in App related events
This are just brief points about remote event recievers.

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