Monday, August 31, 2015

points to be noted on Event receivers in SharePoint 2013

properties.ErrorMessage is used for showing error in event handlers
properties.ListItem.Updateoverwriteversion() is used to overwrite version in list item, rather than adding a new version to the item it overwrites the existing one.
this.EventFiringEnable = false or True to stop or start the events on a list item, when ever you use "Updateoverwriteversion()" method inside a event we should set "this.EventFiringEnable= True" to stop the recursion 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

SharePoint 2013 People Picker error: “Sorry, we’re having trouble reaching the server.”

If you see the above error while adding users to a group or to a site there are many resolutions which are out there in internet.

but for me i have tried everything which i seen based on the above error but nothing worked out, finally after extending the web application to new port number and deleting the same, the issue got fixed

Hope this helps others.

News feed error: SharePoint could not retrieve the content. Please try again later

If you see this error message, ther could be an issue with user profile service, Authentication issue and may a with distributed cache.

if you have already checked all of the above and still seeing the same issue, then check the microfeeds list and see whether you are able to see the items in it.

if you are not able to see items in micro feeds list, increase the threshold value of lists from 5000 to 10000 or something...

by default administrators have 20000 has the limit for each list so there will be no issues for administrators on news feeds.

we have figured it out when we see the above error while trying to access "Show all replies" inside a news feed.

Hope this helps others.