Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BCS in Office 365

We can also call BCS an ORM(object relational map)
Secured store service is used to connect to external sources using different accounts apart from the organizational accounts

The main steps involved in devlopemt using BCS are:

  1. Creating external content types using designer or VS
  2. Importing external content type to BCS
  3. Configure the secured store
  4. Creating external lists
  5. Creating apps
Creation of App level ECT(external content type)

FileBackedMetadatCatalog loads External content type into it to easy access and also for creation of external lists
Specific finder is a method that is used to find one particular item, it is similar to a view on a list but i only returns one item on a list
We are have all the CRUD operational method for ECT to do
Sample code to connect to a list

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