Wednesday, February 17, 2016

K2 Vs Nintex workflows for SharePoint

·         Good tool for representing processes visually
·         Support for delivery of data to process approvers and other stakeholders that includes the information they need to perform their role in the process in a friendly format. Ability to show them the data they need to make a decision on a variety of devices, and to record their decisions.
·         Good tools for monitoring and reporting process performance and identify delays.
·         Nintex Workflow is GUI base and easy to use. It is suited for workflows that are not too complex. It would be great to have more in depth training and the user guide has room for improvement as well
·         Nintex is a great tool for a logical, tech-minded individual without official development skills.

·         K2 as has best support and great community base
·         Nintex lags in support
·         User friendly
·         Reporting capability
·         Auditing capability
·         Workflow and business process management
·         Line of Business Data integration
·         Good for large data pulling
·         Easy upgrade to new versions
·         Non-technical users can implement somewhat complex solutions.
·         Email notifications easy.
·         Can see workflow task history visually.
·         Administration for Nintex is easy
·         We found SharePoint's built-in process tools clumsy, hard to re-use, and not very powerful or flexible.
·         Getting setup to where you're actually start using the product can be quiet complex and the instructions are not quite clear
·         Error messages are completely vague, making it extremely difficult to debug.
·         Failures occur for random reasons.
·         Error notifications get sent out too frequently which confuse users.
·         Have performance issue when pulling larger lists
·         Support nightmare for failed workflows.
·         K2 blackpearl (enterprise) has a fixed cost for unlimited users and servers
·         Nintex has a price per web front-end.  This is key consideration when farming out multiple SharePoint front-ends.
·         K2 blackpearl provides exclusive activity/event library addressing common systems and scenarios ( AD integration for user management, Exchange integration, SAP, Salesforce,SharePoint integration for actions such as document management, user management, CRM). It also provides excellent framework to connect to LOB systems using Smart Objects. This helps developer’s focus on core process logic than interface details.
·         Nintex also is very tightly integrated with SharePoint and lacks integration ability to external LOB in the enterprise.
·         It also connects to databases and CRM systems, or integrating your SharePoint content with social media platforms
·         K2 is for medium to large budget, scaling to enterprise in IT pro-environment
·         Nintex is best suited for small business solutions which deals with lesser data and business can easily create workflows without any developer