Saturday, March 16, 2013

Difference between SharePoint 2010 and 2013

Very briefly i will tell what are the major changes in SharePoint 2013 on above of 2010

First thing is it 14 hive folder has been moved to 15 hive folder and it is also called as SP15

Shredded storage this is used for storing the version updates in documents and stores locally
Workflow manager for 2013 which is also called as windows azure workflow which can be only used for SharePoint 2013
workflow service manager - this is an integration layer between SharePoint and workflow manager
workflow manager should be installed in separate farm server where SharePoint is not installed

SharePoint is now with HTML 5

content search web part(CSWP) new in SharePoint 2013

Distributed cache service which is a new service located in services on server this is used for cache in SharePoint and also used for rendering of docs more faster than previous versions

Minimal downloaded Strategy(MDS) : when a document is downloaded to SharePoint server it will create a copy locally and keep it in cache when ever changes happens it will only download the changes that are made not the whole document
MDS will not be enabled for publishing site
Enable minimal download= True is the property for enabling MDS and it is a feature in SharePoint 2013

Now using Open XML/Power point/word 2010 we can create themes in SP15 and the extension for this is .thmx

Three new services had been included in SharePoint service application:

  • Machine Translation( only this can be used across farm servers)
  • Work Management
  • App Management

Usage.xslx is an excel file in webanalytics used to see the usage of user and you can see this option in site settings--> site administration--> property trends

In SP15 webapplications are by default claims based authentication
and this calims based authentication supports

  • windows claims
  • SAML- based claims
  • Forms based authentication claims

Hosted name site collection: these site collections should have public IP and DNS examples for these site collections are
(SP15) this is a new change in SP15
(sharepont 2010) this is a old version

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