Saturday, December 15, 2012

Setting Time stamp for a workflow in SharePoint Designer workflow

" Set Time Portion of Date/Time Field" workflow action - description, tips, limitations etc.workflow actions - Set Workflow Variable

Use this action to create a timestamp, and stores the output value in a variable. You can set the time in hours and minutes and add a current date, specific date or a lookup.

Allows you to set a date value with a specific value for hours and minutes

The date can field can be either today, a specific date or a lookup

Example scenarios:

1) Suppose you want to add a timestamp to any new customer orders that is added to an orders list. Instead of using the current time of the order received in the timestamp, you want to add a specific time so that you can have your workflow perform any action to all the new items with the same timestamp, such as routing orders to the warehouse.

2) You have a presentation at 9 a.m. on a particular day, and would like an email reminder. You can use this action to add the time to the date, pause the workflow till the day before the presentation and then have the workflow send you a reminder.

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