Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SharePoint:Alert : Percentage of committed memory in use is too high


Alert Description : The threshold for the memory\committed byte in use performance counter has been exceeded. The value that exceeded the threshold  is 81.35668827192.
I am getting this alert at my SCE Box having 3 GB of RAM. How can i resolve this issue as accourding to the alert description i have checked with the performance counters at system monitor ( perfmon) .

Several Microsoft products including Exchange, SQL Server, and the Operations Manager ROM will use all available memory. This is especially noticeable on 64-bit platforms where memory can scale-out more effectively for the applications.


Configured the server to have a 95% threshold instead of 80%. To do it:

1)    Navigate to authoring pane -> Management Pack Objects -> Monitors.
2)    Find the monitor at "Windows Server 2003 Operating System"  -> Entity Health ->Performance -> "Percentage of committed Memory in Use"
3)    Right click it and select “Overrides” -> "Override the monitor" -> "For all objects of type: Windows Server 2003 Operating System".
4)    Specify the threshold value 95% instead 80% and click to apply.

Hope it helps.

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